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Synthetic Rubber

Synthetic Rubbers
We trade in synthetic rubbers used in the production of tire and various industrial goods. With the accumulated high technical skills over long time and our sales know-how skills, we meet the customer's requirements and are expanding our market base. We, furthermore, strive to increase the market share by developing a market in South-East Asia and a new product and by cooperating with local companies.

Styerene Butadiene Rubber (SBR)

SBR is a copolymer made by the low-temperature emulsion polymerization of butadiene and styrene. among synthetic rubber, it is the most popular for general use and it has superior resistance to abrasion and heat when compared with natural rubber. Also, its vulcanization process is relatively easy to carry out. This product is used in various fields because of its stable scorching and easy processing ability.

  • · Manufacturer :

    SYNTHOS Kralupya.s. (Czech) & SYNTHOS Dwory 7 Sp. z.o.o (Poland)

High-styrene Rubber (HSR)

HSR is produced by mixing of styrene-butadiene latex and high styrene resin in adequate proportion. It is coagulated by a system of acid and synthetic coagulant, is stabilized with a non-staining antioxidant and contains abt. 68% of bonded styrene. Its main applications are for floor finishes, cables, toys and micro porous rubber for footwear industry.

  • · Manufacturer :

    SYNTHOS Kralupya.s. (Czech) & SYNTHOS Dwory 7 Sp. z.o.o (Poland)

SBR 1502 Granule

SBR 1502 Granule is a rubber granulewith 90% of the rubber. It is mainly used in 1) Asphalt/SBS water proofsheets, 2) road asphalt, 3) Cement compounding. When used in Asphlats/SBS, it improves the adhesiveness of the products (especially to the concrete) and prevent the cracking from happening mostly in winter. It is also used in cement compounding in order to increase the adhesiveness of the product. It has a large surface area compared to the rubbers, so it saves the production time. It contains a low ratio of fillers and makes a low precipitation in a production bed or tank.

Poly Ethylene Glycol (PEG)

PEG is the chemical compound of polyether and produced by polymerization of ethylene oxide with water or ethylene glycol. such as detergents, ointment base, lubricating oil, washing water additives, intermediate products for polymerization.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Lotte chemical.