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Thermal Paper Industry

Thermal Papers Business
We deal with fine chemical products for thermal papers widely used in receipts, labels, lottery paper, etc. with a great quantity and thus are becoming the top distributor in the domestic market. The products we are are supplying are thermal printing materials, developer, a sensitizing agent, a binder, an inert filler, an antioxidant, etc., to the distinguished thermal paper printing enterprises. We, also, make a great contribution to the improvement on the quality of the products and the low cost of the production in the paper industry through intensive R&D.

Color Formers

Color former chemically reacts with a color developer very well and therefore forms a high grade color. 2-Anilino-6-(Dibutylamino)-3-methylfluoran(ODB-2), resistant to water and not color the paper itself, is widely used as a chemical for thermal printing paper. We have a close relationship with leading thermal printing paper manufacturers. A cooperative relationship, specifically, with Connect Wilson (Penglai) Chem Co.,Ltd. in Germany with the advanced technique is kept with us to provide our world-best chemical products to the manufacturers in the world.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Connect Wilson (Penglai) Chem Co.,Ltd., etc.

Color Developer

Bisphenol-A is a white, solid chemical produced by recombining phenol and acetone catalyzed by hydrochloric acid. BPA also referred to as 2,2-bis (p-hydroxyphenyl) propane and Diphenyolpropane, has a structure which makes it suitable as a monomer to produce poly carbonate, epoxy, phenolic, polyester and other resins. Used directly as an additive, it improves the stability of many other resin systems. The presence of two hydroxyl groups at opposite ends of the BPA molecule permits unhindered reaction with a variety of other chemicals under reasonably mild process conditions. In addition to BPA, we deal with Bisphenol-S that is environmentally friendly and nontoxic, D-8 that is a special color developer used in label & D-90 that is, also, a special color developer. We try our best to offer the state-of-the-art chemicals.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Aolunda High-Tech Industry Co.,Ltd., Thermal Industry & Technique Co.,Ltd., etc.


Sensitizers are essential chemicals for thermal printing papers by helping the chemical reaction between the color former and the developer to take place effectively. ß-Naphthyl Benzyl Ether, also called as NBE or BON, is widely used, so KPC has been offering this product in the last many years to the many leading thermal printing companies across the world. HS-3520, EGTE, PBBP, etc. are also introduced and offered to the world through KPC.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Weifang Dayoo Biochemical Co.,Ltd., Qingzhou Chemico &Bioteco Ltd., Shouguang Fukang Pharmaceutical

Polyvinyl Alcohol (Application for binder)​

PVA resin is a kind of heavy polymer. It is white or light yellow flock, granular or powdery in appearance. PVA is non-toxic, insipid and harmless. PVA is a water-soluble solvent with a high viscosity and forms a film on the surface. It can withstand oils, lubricants, hydrocarbons and most other organic solvents. PVA has better chemical stability and insulatibility. It possesses the typical chemical properties of polyols and carries out processes of esterification, etherealization, aceatalization, etc.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Shanxi Sanwei Co.,Ltd., etc. & Celanese Corporation


Not only color formers, developers, and sensitizers that are active ingredients for thermal imaging, but also a number of non-active ingredients and additives that are needed for the final formulation are supplied by KPC. Addition of inactive ingredients is essential to keep the thermally printed papers for a long term. Our company is an agency of Vertellus Group, one of the top companies from the USA in this field, and consistently supplies the best quality products to the domestic markets. 

  • · Manufacturer :

    Vertellus Specialty Materials Inc. etc.


For the increase on productivity of the production and the low cost of the production through the replacement for pulp, high quality paper, etc., KPC strives to research and develop various fungible raw materials. The processing wood flour technology to use the flour in the production of paper has been gradually disseminated in the recent domestic market. Specifically, greatly bleached wood flour is an excellent fungible raw material for high priced pulp. KPC collaborates in technology along with local manufactures in China, Indonesia, etc. and supplies our bleached wood flour to top paper manufactures in the Republic of Korea. Over this business, we have made a large contribution to the development of the paper industry.