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Water treatments

Water treatments

Dipentene (Terpene Hydrocarbons, CAS #: 68956-56-9)

Dipentene is widely used as flavoring and fragrance agent and is a promising green solvent.

Benzyl chloride (CAS #: 100-44-7)

Benzyl chloride is a reactive organochlorine compound that is a widely used chemical building block.

Polyethylene glycol Di (tall oil acid Ester)

Used in cosmetic formulations, as an emulsifier in lotions and bath oils, in PVC plastisols as a viscosity modifier and in metals as a metal working agent and lubricant. It is also used as a defoamer in water treatment.

Formic acid

Used as a preservative and antibacterial agent in livestock feed. It has a role as an antibacterial agent, a protic solvent, a metabolite, a solvent and an astringent.

Triethylene Glycol dimethyl ether (CAS# 112-49-2)

Used as a solvent in electronic chemicals, crop and healthcare industries.