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Adhesive Industry

Adhesive Business
We sell raw materials used in the production of oil- and water-based adhesives in a domestic market. With an excellent technical service and a competitive price, we have been a leading trader in the adhesive industry for more than a decade.

Styrene Butadiene Latex for construction (Non-Paper Coating)

SB-LATEX is a carboxylated styrene-butadiene copolymer. In construction, architectural latex has excellent compatibility with cement. Our SB-Latex is widely applicable for use in repair/general purpose mortars and brings about major benefits to floors, bridge deck, surfacing and compounds for repairs & road of concrete structures. SB-Latex for paper we are supplying is used in improvement on commercial printing paper and the exterior of white paperboard. SB-Latex for carpet is used as an adhesive to control fixing ability of bottom surface of tufted carpet. Since the importance of environmentally friendly materials is standing out, SB-Latex for construction and non-woven is produced in various grades. We are proud to supply all its latex products formaldehyde-free.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Hansol Chemical Co., LTD.

Polyvinyl Alcohol for adhesive (PVA)

PVA resin is a kind of heavy polymer. It is white or light yellow flock, granular or powdery in appearance. PVA is non-toxic, insipid and harmless. PVA is a water-soluble solvent with a high viscosity and forms a film on the surface. It can withstand oils, lubricants, hydrocarbons and most other organic solvents. PVA has better chemical stability and insulatibility. It possesses the typical chemical properties of polyols and carries out processes of esterification, etherealization, aceatalization, etc.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Shanxi Sanwei Co.,Ltd., etc. & Celanese Corporation

C5/C9 Hydro Carbon Resin

C5 product is obtained as a by-product from pyrolysis oil hydration plant which was produced from naphtha pyrolysis process, and C5 content is higher than 95%. Although it is in liquid phase in room temperature and pressure, it easily vaporizes in room temperature. This product is mainly used to blend gasoline. C9 product is obtained as a by-product from pyrolysis oil hydration plant which was produced from naphtha pyrolysis process. It is composed of hydrocarbons of C9 and higher, and the content of aromatics is high. This product is mainly used as an adhesive for paint and for asphalted road.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Puyang Zhongde Petroleum Resins Co., Ltd.

Epoxy Resin for adhesive

Epoxy resins are commercially established as major raw materials in the field of coatings, adhesive, civil engineering, structural, electronic and composite applications. The product line includes liquid resins, solid resins, solutions, blends and other special resins based on a variety of formulas. As these products are used with various curing agents, diluents and modifiers, an almost unlimited range and variety of properties may be obtained.