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Investment Relation

Investment Relation
Midas United Co., Ltd.[Busan-Korea]
Seo-Cheon Business Place [Seocheon-Korea]
Top-Air Industry Co., Ltd.[Toronto-Canada]
Jakarta Office[Jakarta-Indonesia]
Shanghai Office[Shanghai-China]
Midas United Co., Ltd.

Midas United Co., Ltd. is a logistics company located in the leading port city, Bu-San.

As the World industry rapidly grows up, the process of logistics becomes enormously complicate.

This results in the increasing importance of the logistics. Therefore, Midas United Co., Ltd.,
in the center of the logistics chain, tries its best to render the supreme logistics services to our customers
for having shown us the belief and trust. We are obsessed with and seeks for perfectionism
to lighten the burdens of our customers and to enhance the value of our Customer’s goods.

Seo-Cheon Business Place

Seo-Cheon Business Place of Korea Pla-Chem is located in Hua-Yang Li Seo-Cheon Goon Chung-Cheong-Nam Do.

The business place is operated as a warehouse with the best human resources, equipment, and the optimal system.
The great business environment allows us to stock various materials and products from manufacturers across
the country and provide the high quality service by offering the customized products and materials in time.

Moreover, the proximity to West Coast highway, Pyeongtaek Port, and Gunsan port enable us
to have unlimited potential to be the best logistics focal point in Western area of the Republic of Korea
and further across the country. We are also working on the numerous business in order to manufacture
high value products in some parts of the business place. Through Seo-Cheon Business place,
we constantly struggle for the true sense of the customer satisfaction.

Top-Air Industry Co., Ltd.

Top-Air Industry Co., Ltd. is an overseas investment company located in Toronto, Canada.

Top-Air Industry fully utilizes its geographical advantage as it is in a metropolis in North America.
and sources various raw materials from Asian countries to supply them all over the North America
where the petrochemical products are always in great demand.
This invested company also manufactures the products in a complete range of petrochemical industries
to meet the needs of customers in the North America.

Top-Air Industry offers products only in the premium quality and
continuously develops a new technology and markets to consistently show innovative industrial products.

Jakarta Office

Our branch office of Korea Pla-Chem is located in IndonesiaIndonesia where natural rubbers are originated from.

To satisfy the increasing demand for the synthetic rubbers in the South-East Asia,
we established the local office in Jakarta, source domestic and European synthetic rubbers, and actively offer them to South-East Asian markets.

Additionally, we distribute various chemical products, such as Hydro-peroxide, Sodium sulfide, etc.,
and food additives to the markets through the office. We are, also, looking to develop a new product and/or
a new market to promote the sustainable regional growth in South-East Asia.

Shanghai Focal Point

Our focal point of Korea Pla-Chem is also located in Shanghai, China.

This focal point as a new trading route to China not only manages existed customer relationships
and supplier relationships in China, but also excessively communicates with KPC members
in other areas to develop new markets and prospect for new suppliers.