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Good to Great to KPC Group of Endearment!

CEO's message

Good to Great toKPC Group of Endearment!

KPC Group seeks to be admirable enterprise that pursues happiness of KPC members through sharing.
KPC group also keeps pursuing positive changes for innovation and continues to challenge for the future.
Furthermore, KPC group seeks to be a manufacturing-technology-based trading enterprise through efforts to continuously develop new businesses and fully utilizing our innovative supporting system.

The missions named KPC’s “Happiness Missions” to accomplish the goals above have been set as followings :

Mission Number One, Customers’ Happiness. To Enhance the value of the customers, KPC provides its unique solutions and contributes to happiness and satisfaction of our clients;
Mission Number Two, Employees’ Happiness. With active, leading, and challenging attitudes, employees can realize their dreams and achieve happiness along with the development of KPC;
Mission Number Three, the Company’s Happiness. We cultivate and form a group of specialists with sense of sacrifice, cooperation, and responsibility to pursue the common interests and happiness;
Mission Number Four, the Future, we happily fulfill thorough business planning and investment to take the new business opportunities and successfully get the new business done. This will let clients, KPC members, and KPC itself coexist together and last long in future.