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Roofing and Waterproofing Industry

Construction Materials
We research and develop construction materials, used in roofing
and water proofing, and supply them in North America and Europe markets. The major products for construction we are supplying are polyester mat, fiber-glass mat, C5/C9 resin, TCPP, Bopp film, etc. We are sourcing the products from China where the production in construction materials is advantageous price- and quality-wise. Consequently, our intermediate trade between China and Europe/North America markets is very excessive and active.

Polyester Mat

Polyester mat is produced from virgin polyester fiber, a kind of advanced waterproof material, which effects by inosculating with bitumen. Polyester mat has been widely used in many fields, such as roofing, underground project, bridge surface, waterproof of tank and antiseptic material for building base. Polyester mat has good tensibility, ductibitilty, and high strength for preventing thrust, anti-aging, and anticorrosion. It is an ideal base material for SBS or APP waterproof membrane.

Silicone Coated Release Film

KPC coats silicones on various base films. In order to lower the standard deviation of release forces, the whole processes of film manufacturing and silicone coating are conducted in the closed space.

Silicone Coated Release Paper

Our Silicone coated papers are made of premium craft papers coated with silicone oils. We use factories with groups of experts to achieve smooth surfaces over the papers, minimize the process-induced stresses, and coat silicone oils on the papers in an enclosed clean room in order to minimize the risks of having any dirts on the paper. We gained packing know-how through the rich exporting experiences so that no deformation can be achieved during shipping. The application is not limited to the building materials, but also to shoes, vehicle parts, medical products, etc.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Tae Kyung Polymer


Biaxially oriented PP film is produced by stretching a PP cast film both in the machine and transverse direction. Biaxial orientation provides increased stiffness, enhanced clarity and improved barrier properties. BOPP films are used in food packaging, cigarette packet overwrap, labels, adhesive tapes and a variety of other applications. The needs of the BOPP industry include good process stability at high output, uniform film thickness, compatibility of additives, consistent film rework quality, acceptable color and optical properties. Our wide range of thermal and processing antioxidants represent state-of-the-art stabilizers systems for achieving efficient processability, low color and good physical properties of BOPP films.


This product is added to polyester form, plastic, and other resins as a flame retardant. TCPP has positioned as an essential chemical product in a modern society where environment and fire safety issues are inevitably arising. Therefore, the demand for TCPP in market has been rapidly increasing.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Qiandaohu Longxiang Chemical Co., Ltd.

C5/C9 Hydro Carbon Resin

C5 product is obtained as a by-product from pyrolysis oil hydration plant which was produced from naphtha pyrolysis process, and C5 content is higher than 95%. Although it is in liquid phase in room temperature and pressure, it easily vaporizes in room temperature. This product is mainly used to blend gasoline. C9 product is obtained as a by-product from pyrolysis oil hydration plant which was produced from naphtha pyrolysis process. It is composed of hydrocarbons of C9 and higher, and the content of aromatics is high. This product is mainly used as an adhesive for paint and for asphalted road.

  • · Manufacturer :

    Puyang Zhongde Petroleum Resins Co., Ltd.